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project name: WEBSR 2
type of eu project: South Baltic
number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
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project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
management: |Dr kristina koebe >


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"Windmove Energy Tunnel" is the title of Christoph Ernst's exhibition project

Location: Rostock|Germany, Kröpeliner Tor
Event: "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" (annual science night)
Date: 28.-30. April 2011

The 34 metre long rotor blade of a Nordex wind turbine, the centre of this exhibition, is placed in a tent to get a dimming effect. Electric luminiscent foils pulsating in different colours and speeds will be installed on the surface of the blade. Real energy data from Rostock and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, such as current consumption, share of renewable energies in the current production and the CO2-amount deriving from current made of coal form the basis of the light installation. Visitor will get enabled to create their own light patterns and modify the data via a special operation terminal.

The installation aims to put the current consumption into visible relation to current production again, using an artistic way of communication. Current production from the renewable source wind shall be presented in an aesthetic way particularly to those persons who live quite remote from it. In addition, the video documentation of the project "wind move" will be shown at the exhibition site - a project where the artist installed controllable luminescent foils on the rotor of a wind turbine with grid connection.

"Windmove" und Christoph Ernst

The artist from Berlin has worked on the topics Energy and Resources since the 1980s. His art exhibits were presented in Milano, Paris and New York. In 2007 he installed the first controllable luminiscent foils on a wind turbine in a project called "windmove" in Klettwitz for the first time. Further information on the video clip and the website at |www.windmove.de >

Contact person:

Leibnizstr. 41
D-10629 Berlin
fon +49-30-2828532
mob +49-172-3274000
|ernst@windmove.de >

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