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project name: WEBSR 2
type of eu project: South Baltic
number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
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project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
management: |Dr kristina koebe >


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WEBSR2 Upgrade project:
Competition "Wind energy art" - Swedish teams

Monika Gora & team

Monika Gora, born in 1959, has been working as a landscape architect and artist with her own office, GORA art&landscape, since 1989. She holds a master's degree in landscaping from the Swedish University of Agriculture. Before starting her own office Monika Gora made prolonged travels of work and study in Australia, China, Indonesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the USA. She was a member of the Swedish National Council for Architecture, Form and Design between 2004 until its termination in 2009. In her practice she has systematically chosen her own paths - both, experimenting and challenging - combining this with an ability to find practicable solutions.

More information: |www.gora.se >

Gustav Hellberg & team

Gustav Hellberg is a Berlin-based artist. The foundation of Hellberg's artistic practice lies in the public sphere, where he looks for an interaction between people, artwork and the public space. He has been exhibiting widely in Europe and the US. Major public interventions have been made at Madrid Abierto, Umedalens Skulptur, Article and urban interface|berlin. In gallery spaces his work has been shown at Raid Projects, Los Angeles, Arnstedt & Kullgren and Galleri Andersson Sandström, Sweden. Recently Hellberg has performed solo museum exhibitions at Malmö Konstmuseum and Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg. During the autumn of 2010 the kinetic sculpture Obstruction was exhibited on Stortorget in Malmö. In December 2010 and January 2011 Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, presented Obstruction in the gallery.

More information: |www.gustavhellberg.com >

Oscar Guermouche & Staffan Strindberg

Oscar Guermouche, artist, was born 1977 in Stockholm. These days, he lives and works in Kalmar, Sweden. The starting point of Guermouche's work is the social values of words. He's questioning and formulating linguistic structures in relation to identities, to constructions of the subject, and to the autobiography and the self-portrait. Consequently his work emanates from literature, semiotics and typography, but also sociology, psychology and linguistic anthropology. All his works are more or less based on texts, he quotes, displaces and compiles texts, using them as ready-mades. However, he avails himself of a number of different techniques such as photography, video, objects, print, painting and tattoos. Staffan Strindberg, architect, was born 1952 in Kalmar, were he still lives and works today. Strindberg's work varies from city planning and commercial buildings to housing and interiors. He wants architecture to express its time and to be clear in its intentions.

More information: |www.guermouche.com > and |www.strindberg.se >

Polish teams

MRKK | Design Studio -- informal architecture and design group: Maja Ratynska & Konrad Zientara

MRKK is interested in broadly understood space and human life environment, and so sees architecture, design and art as elements of the same domain. They do not consider our surrounding world as beautiful and comfortable, but also as simple and being a part of our ecosystem. MRKK designs architecture (energy-efficient and self-sustainable at best), products for small manufacturer, runs educating workshops and undertakes artistic projects in public space. MRKK manufactures some of their own designs in small series themselves. The "Wieloplexikoñ" for TransFORM festival in Warsaw was their studio's credo: humanitarian minimalism + IT shall by green and run on water!!! (humanitarian minimalism - use of the smallest amount of artistic / architectural means that is sufficient to comply with functional, meaning, symbolic, aesthetic and emotional needs plus one).

Prof. Jacek Popek & team

Jacek Popek has been the Head of Design Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Gda?sk since 1997 where he had already worked from 1969 on. In this contest, he will be supported by Jacek Ry? who is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts In Gdansk, Interior and Product Design Department. Jacek Ryn is the co-creator of Pomeranian Designers Association and founder of the razy2 design studio.

More information: |www.asp.gda.pl > and |www.razy2.pl >

Robert Juchnevic & team

Robert Juchnevic is a graduate of Architecture Studies in Department of Architecture at Technical University of Gdansk. He describes himself as self-motivated, communicative, passionate and ready to meet new challenges. Currently, he works for ARCH-DECO in Gdynia. He was awarded with the first prize in the Polish Student Architectural Competition for an office building in Grudzi?dz in 2008 and got the second price in the student competition in 2009 with his contribution "Road to freedom". In this team, he will be supported by Kalina Juchnevic from the Department of Architecture at Technical University of Gdansk and by Piotr Rodziewicz who works at the Department of Architecture at Technical University of Gdansk an and is assistant architect at ARCH-DECO in Gdynia.

German teams

Thomas Sander and Heiko Kastl

Thomas Sander is the artist in the team, Heiko Kastl the representative of the design and architecture studio "plan4". Thomas Sander, who was born in Schwerin/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1960, has worked as free artists from 1998 on with various scholarships being awarded to him since then. In the approach typical for him, he considers sounds as something filled with the substance of the world. Thus, he is almost exclusively working on their exploration. He is interested in all kinds of sounds; especially disturbing sounds like rustling, rumbling, cracking, clashing. "Unoriented" sound events are his initial material - a material he transforms into acoustic painting.

Heiko Kastl works as an architect in Rostock in an office where architects and interior designer plan houses and rooms, restaurants, official and exhibitions rooms and shops. Heiko Kastl and his colleagues have successfully worked as architects for nearly 10 years now and got the state building award of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2010.

More information: |www.kuenstlerbund-mv.de > and |www.plan4-architekten.de >

Group "Schaum"

The group "Schaum" with its representatives Marc Wiesel, designer, and Tim Kellner, artist, was founded in 2010 and opened its own atelier and exhibition space in Rostock in the beginning of 2011. The group comprises of 5 artists, Janet Zeugner ( photographer), Alexandra Lotz( sculptor), Tim Kellner( photographer and designer), Marc W1353L (architect and designer)and Wanja Tolko (painter), each of them being active in the German and regional art scene for many years by now. Schaum field of activity is multidisciplinary and in conceptual art.

More information: |www.derschaum.de >

Team "Sebastian Menzke, Kurt M. Herrmann, Stefanie Henneke"

Sebastian Menzke who was born in Neubrandenburg in 1979 has started his art career as graffiti artist before he started his studies at the University of Art and Design in Wismar in 2004. He graduated there in 2009 and has worked as freelance painter since then. His paintings range between abstract and figurative painting. He lives and works in Wismar. Kurt M. Herrmann and Stefanie Henneke work at the design and architecture studio "nordost" which was founded in 2007. They are actively involved into planning new buildings and reconstructing old ones, but also into exhibition design. They have implemented more than 20 projects in Germany and Austria since then.

More information: |www.sebastianmenzke.de > and |www.studio-nordost.de >

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