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project name: WEBSR 2
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number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
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project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
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Component 3: Legal and economic obstacles

There are several problem levels determined by the WEBSR partners this comp will address:
  1. National law: Despite of all wind energy projects that have been implemented in the partner countries over the last years, there are still legal regulations, particularly related to wind farm planning, that hinder further wind energy implementation. Such problems and obstacles will be determined and illustrated on exemplary regions for all partner countries.
  2. The economic efficiency of wind farm projects got in danger due to the financial crisis. Thus, the partner countries face currently a rapid decrease of project implementations. Here, new financing models (funding, subsidies included) have to be elaborated. In addition, current "organisational" problems will be investigated here (grid interconnection, availability of (certified) devices etc.).
  3. Several regions require support from international experience to improve the cooperation between communities and companies regarding wind farm planning and implementation.
  4. Other obstacles lay in the EU-regulations themselves: some of them do not correspond with each other in every point - the project will define these problematic aspects and to give recommendations how to deal with this.
All mentioned analyses will result in strategies for mediation and moderation/recommendations that help to overcome existing problems, mainly addressed to municipalities, planners and investors on national level and to decision-makers on EU-level. Summarized as "guidelines", the recommendations given by the project team will be distributed as widely as possible to get the needed support.

Project information

Results of Component 3

file type C3.2 ESS The Swedish electricity certificate system, Summary.pdf | 11-10-31 | Lennart Tyrberg | 628 kB
Description: A best practice, worth to be adapted by other countries: The Swedish green cetrificate system, Summary
file type WEBSR2_Financial situation and recommendations_Poland.pdf | 11-11-17 | Kristina Koebe | 71 kB
Description: Financial problems with wind energy and wind farm financing in Poland and recommendations how to overcome these problems
file type Legal obstacles for wind energy due to EU legislation_HSH_December 2011.pdf | 12-03-14 | Kristina Koebe | 3044 kB
Description: Study on which legal obstacles exist on EU legislation level for wind energy project implementation in EU countries. Elaborated by Prof. Henning Sten
file type Wind energy obstacles and related recommendations_LT.pdf | 12-01-10 | Kristina Koebe | 562 kB
Description: Identification of obstacles for further wind energy implementation in Lithuania and recommendations how to overcome them
file type Wind energy obstacles and related recommendations_SE.pdf | 12-01-19 | Kristina Koebe | 956 kB
Description: Obstacles for further wind energy use establishment in Sweden and recommendations how to overcome them
file type Wind energy development and recommendations_D.pdf | 12-02-21 | Matthias Plehn | 1032 kB
Description: Usage of wind power in Germany - description on the example of Rostock Region - legal framework, current status, obstacles, overall recommendations
file type Comp3_Wind project planning procedures in the SB regions.pdf | 12-06-20 | Kristina Koebe | 218 kB
Description: Presentation of the planning procedures for wind turbines/farms in SE, LT, PL and GE - an overview
file type Legal and technical wind energy obstacles and recommendations_PL_May 2012.pdf | 12-05-31 | Kristina Koebe | 149 kB
Description: Description of existing legal and technical obstacles for wind energy projects in Poland and recommendations how to overcome them
file type Comp3_Guide for private investors_June 2012.pdf | 12-06-20 | Kristina Koebe | 329 kB
Description: Planning a wind farm in the South Baltic Sea regions - a guide for future investors, information on acceptance-increasing shareholder models included
file type Comp3_Summarized recommendation_2012.pdf | 12-06-26 | Kristina Koebe | 191 kB
Description: Summary of the recommendations for overcoming existing obstacles elaborated in component 3 for information purposes and a first general overview
file type EUB_Municipal Benefits from Wind Energy_D.pdf | 12-08-14 | Matthias Plehn | 268 kB
Description: Wind farm projects from the local point of view - interview results from Rostock Region - implementation of wind-farm cooperatives
file type WEBSR2_common_reccom_SSI_2011-12-30_final.pdf | 12-08-23 | Kristina Koebe | 1054 kB
Description: Compilation of the WEBSR2 recommendations, elaborated by the project partner SSI based on all project documents
file type CP3 Summery and recommendations_hand out 1_Swedish.pdf | 12-11-13 | Kristina Koebe | 76 kB
Description: Summary of the findings of component 3 (recommendations) in Swedish language
file type 2012pvrr_brosch-windenergie.pdf | 13-03-01 | Matthias Plehn | 7966 kB
Description: Regional Planning Association: Brochure "Information about the planning process" (German language)
file type Przewodnik_inwestorzy_WEBSR2.pdf | 13-03-18 | Kristina Koebe | 1188 kB
Description: Planning a wind farm in the SB region - a guide for potential investors in Polish language
file type Przewodnik_procedury_WEBSR2.pdf | 13-03-18 | Kristina Koebe | 1412 kB
Description: Planning a wind farm in the SB region - an overview on the different procedures and regulations in Polish language
file type Ustawodawstwo_UE_bariery.pdf | 13-03-18 | Kristina Koebe | 970 kB
Description: Obstacles for further wind energy establishment on EU-level - translation of the WEBSR2-study into Polish language
file type R&D Projects of Wind Energy Industry.pdf | 14-10-08 | Matthias Plehn | 595 kB
Description: Wind-Consult: Location requirements and planning provisions for wind-turbine prototypes and other R&D projects of wind energy industry in Rostock Regi

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