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project name: WEBSR 2
type of eu project: South Baltic
number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
|Dr andreas schubert >
project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
management: |Dr kristina koebe >


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This project is part-financed by the
European Union and the |South Baltic Programme >

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Project partners

Baltic Sea Centre of Culture (BSCC)

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Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury




Legal status:
Private law

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Postal address
Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury
Ul. Korzenna 33/35
--- Gdansk




Partner characterization

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre / Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury Gdansk is a public institution, established in 1992, with the focus on Baltic Sea cultural cooperation including many art forms, scientific and literary seminars, exhibitions and performances of contemporary art, theatre and dance performances, films and music. The Centre is also a focal point in the Pomeranian Region for the development of multilateral co-operation and dialogue on cultural policy around the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea Culture Centre aims to enhance cultural diversity in the Baltic Sea Region by realizing projects of European significance. Its goal is to implement joint artistic projects, which in terms of structure and concept are more than the traditional form of bilateral cultural exchange. The Centre, through its activities, has the aim to connect artists, curators, cultural operators, researches and policy makers who are interested in creating a new quality for the cultural cooperation in Europe.

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