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project name: WEBSR 2
type of eu project: South Baltic
number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
|Dr andreas schubert >
project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
management: |Dr kristina koebe >


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This project is part-financed by the
European Union and the |South Baltic Programme >

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Project partners

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
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foto contact person

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Energikontor Sydost



Non profit organisation/public equivalent body

Legal status:
public law

Project contact:

Anders Gajmark , Hans Gulliksson , Lennart Tyrberg

Postal address
Energikontor Sydost
Framtidsvägen 10 A
S-35196 Växjö

+46 (0)470-72 33 21

+46 (0)470-72 33 73


Partner characterization

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd is a company that works for an increased energy efficiency and supply of renewable energy sources. This work is performed within various collaborative and developmental projects from local and regional level up to National and European level.
The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden actively contributes to the creation of a sustainable energy system in Southeast Sweden, as a good example in Europe. The Agency offers current, objective and impartial information and knowledge within the energy and transport sectors.
The Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden Ltd is owned by the Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden Association which members consist of municipalities, county councils and regional councils in the counties of Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg. The Agency has around 25 employees and the head office is located in Växjö. Regional offices are located in Kalmar, Karlskrona and Oskarshamn.

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